Why purpose of life guided me under banyan tree?


Even though, it’s not news-worthy as much of celebrity’s new puppy or shiny golden teeth. I have been thinking about this for a while. I started asking myself, the same old question; Why do I live? I started searching answer looking back at my own life and I came up with nothing. So, I decided to look at others life around me for a unified solution. When I looked around, all I can see was people busy working just like bees. Soon I realised, Everything around me is work of someone and someone is earning money out of it. That exercised my thoughts and I asked myself – are we all living for money? My memory came up with some richest figures on planet earth. Why are they making more money than they actually need? Some of them make money for living and some for passion and greed. It puts us all under one umbrella. The mighty money. Here is where we all stand from Richard Branson to poor beggar on streets. But is it just all about money? I had to map my mind to come up with something more philosophical other than just money. I filtered my thoughts.  I came up with a clearer vision. May be, it’s not just the money. You can’t just deny if I say, that life is all about “want/need”.

Even though, money is nothing more than just expensive papers. Money is a big deal in our world. However, money cannot buy everything. Now, let me put more weight on the question by asking why money is important than anything else? Its simple; It gets us what we want. Expensive cars, fame, respect, better life-partner, better life, you name it. But still it’s not all about money. So, there is something behind the screen, pulling cords other than money and  that’s ‘want’. The want to control the world, The want of toxic greediness. I am absolutely convinced by the fact, that one of the main reasons of hatred in this world is greed. Our eyes are dusted with greed and selfishness. The greed of wanting more. We need to pull ourselves back from the world of hatred and greediness to have a glimpse of what life is all about. If we could wipe out greed we could get our visions cleared. That may get a better picture of what we are and what is the purpose of our lives. In this world of hatred and greediness, I can’t see myself as a human living in a perfect world. At last, all these thoughts finally makes me follow foot steps of Buddha to – right Under a banyan tree.


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