How to sign up Spotify account outside America and Europe?

Spotify: The next generation of Music.

If you are a true music lover, you can’t ignore the fact that we love carrying our giant music collection around. It is always hard to manage and transfer music when we flip from one device to another device. How about playing your favorite playlists on all devices without syncing your tracks on all devices? I am sure you are aware about the disk space needed to store all our favorite tracks in all your devices. Spotify has came up with a solution for you. Spotify is a music streaming service. Spotify has almost every track on planet earth. It streams music into your device for free. Spotify launched almost an year ago and has been sensational in Europe and America. However, Spotify is not available is some areas including middle east and Asia.

Getting Access: How about getting access to almost every track in the world for free if you are not in America or Europe?

Wouldn’t be this really cool if you get access to Spotify. Personally, I love music as anyone does. I’ve been using Spotify for 6 months now. I loved every part of it. Spofity client’s user interface is “licking-good“. Besides, Spotify lets you search your favorite Tracks, Artist or even Playlist. Spotify gets the right music. I dug up my favorite tracks of 80’s which I believed I lost on a hard disk failure. Thanks to Spotify. I don’t have to worry about my hard disk failures anymore.

Sharing is good: Why keep your favorite tracks with yourself. Share it with your pals on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

Spotify’s underlying core of marketing is Facebook and Twitter. Facebook lets Spotify to share your favorite music tracks with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Once you signed up with your facebook/twitter account, It displays your Facebook/Twitter friends who are using Spotify. It also shows their playlists and the music they are currently Listening. You can post your favorite tracks on your Facebook timeline as well. Why just music. Sharing your playlist with your friends is fun and is just one click away. It pops up on your friends computer in a fraction of second. Share common interests. Share Music. Sharing is good

How can I get spotify in my country.

If you are in  Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States. You can go ahead to Spotify website and download the application right away. If you dont belong to any of these countries you need to tunnel to any of these countries to get a Spotify Account.


Tunnelling: How can I get Spotify?

Step 1 : Logout from your Facebook

Since ,we use Facebook for signing up with Spotify. Make sure you logged out from Facebook before continuing to next step.

Step 2: Tunnel to United States or United Kingdom.

Tunnel Bear is an application which helps to tunnel to Either US or UK.

See my article here, for Information regarding how to use Tunnel Bear on a mac.

Once you are successfully tunneled to US or UK.  Go to Step 3

  • Windows Users

Download SuperhideIP , or anyother applications which lets you to tunnel to US/UK.


Change/Fake your IP address to US or UK by clicking on Hide IP.

Select the location – Click Choose IP Country.

IP Location

Once you’ve selected the country Click on Hide IP. Which would give you similar screen as below.


IP address has been changed to United States.

Step 3: Login back to your Facebook.

Now Facebook may let you run through security check, since your Location has changed to US all of a sudden. Go ahead until you reach your facebook Home page successfully.

Step 4 : go to

Now you would be able to reach Spotify US/UK. If you are not on US/UK page. You haven’t tunneled Yet.

 To find your current location of your ip address click here.

Make sure you are tunneled to US/UK.

Now, Click on SignUp button.

Step 5: Select your country


Select your country to United States if you are tunneled to US. Otherwise select United Kingdom.

Step 4 : Sign Up with your Facebook account.


Since you are already signed on to Facebook. It will pull your facebook details and ask you to register with Spotify.

Allow Facebook to access your details using Spotify.

Step 5 : Choose your product.

choose prodcut

Select “Open” for the free account. It is fine except it plays 30  second advertisements frequently like once between 2-3 songs. Go for Unlimited for no advertisements. Select Premium if you want offline playback in all devices. If you have a Spotify Premium code enter the code and you are ready to go.

Step 6: Validate and Finish

It validates your Facebook Credentials. Click finish when you are done.

Step 7 : Download Spotify client.

Step 8: Login to Spotify with your Facebook.

Login to spotify with your Facebook ID and Password

There you go,


Welcome to the world of unlimited Music.


Since spotify offers only 2 weeks of use overseas. I recommend to tunnel whenever you use spotify. So that your profile will remain active.

May be, all you need is – tunnel while you log into Spotify. Release once you are logged in Successfully. May be that would be the only time spotify requests your location. I strongly suggest to tunnel whenever you use Spotify to be on the safe side.

Shout from Author.

If you have any difficulties in accessing Spotify following this method, please drop a comment specifying your location and difficulties. I will go through the process carefully and let you know. Thank You

If it worked for you. Don’t forget to spread the word. We love Sharing.

Knowledge is great, Sharing is good

30 thoughts on “How to sign up Spotify account outside America and Europe?

  1. uh lets say that one already went through all this process and turned ignorant and didn’t tunnel in after registration and spotify locks your account after the 14 day abroad travel. So suddenly you can’t login and that’s when you remember that you forgot to tunnel it occasionally. So how do one get back his account ? Will signing up again do the trick ?

  2. I would suggest to tunnel before you log into Spotify. If you are locked down by spotify. I would suggest to give a try on Spotify premium trail. It is not 14 days of travel anyways. I am using it for almost 2 months now outside Europe.

  3. Well that is probably because since you have been using it from UK for so long that they didn’t bother to check or maybe that you have a payment address added !

  4. hi there.

    i followed your method and it worked perfectly. however i stupidly used a trial version of superhid IP and then when it deactivatd my original IP was revealled. Spotify then came up with an error message at the top saying “your country does not match the one in your spotify profile…” is there anyway that i can hide my ip address again and still use that same spotify account? What would you suggest?

  5. I reckon spotify allows 2 weeks of overseas usage. So, I guess Spotify wouldn’t block your account. Once you get the superhide IP running again you can still use the same account. You can get another tunnelling softwares just like SuperHIde IP to do the same, If you are not able to use SuperHide IP. You can google and find a similar application. Make sure your IP has changed before you open spotify for being on the safe side. You can check your IP address on

  6. Hey man. I haven’t use the Superhideip in days and today when i openned Spotify says “your country does not match the one in your spotify profile…” I started Superhideip and stills says that. What can I do?

  7. And on my subscription status says this: Your account can no longer be used from abroad, since the maximum travel time is 14 days for a Spotify Free account. To continue using Spotify from abroad, sign up for Spotify Premium which gives you unlimited travel access.

  8. You cannot use spotify morethan 14days abroad. Since you havent used Superhide IP while using spotify. Your IP is exposed for 14 days and your travel time is expired. I am sorry, You cannot login to your account anymore unless you buy their premium account. May be you can try the same with another fb account. If you dont have one you will need to create it and follow the same steps. Make sure you are tunneling to US or UK before using Spotify.

  9. I’m not sure if the IP programs works with the Spotify app. I had one account and I used Super Hide IP only during Spotify launch, then I turned it off – after 14 days was my account disable. So I made new account and I was using Super Hide IP all over the time when the Spotify app was running – now after 14 days was account disabled again. I think that this program works only in web browser and maybe in some apps but not everywhere.

    • O’Neil I have been using spotify outside Europe for more than 10 months now. I am in India and I have applied the same tweaks which I mentioned here. Everything works fine. I would suggest you to make sure you are tunneled to Europe or America when you use SuperhideIP or any other tunnelling softwares. (I use tunnelbear on Macbook). To make sure you are tunneled to Europe or America, While superhideIP is running go in here and make sure that your SuperHide IP is masking your IP address and it is showing US or any other European countries in the country column. If its still showing your real IP. Your SuperHideIP is not working. May be you should try some other tunnelling softwares. I hope this works for you.

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  12. If it says that you travel time has expired, just log out from Spotify and log in again from UK IP. It always works tor me.

  13. Hello there, thank you for your post. im using a vpn which says that im france. so spotify works fine. but for the payment (step 5), wont spotify notice that my credit card is not french?

  14. Thanks for the article. For those who live outside US and want to access Spotify, you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.

  15. Nice blog and very good article… but if I want premium one, I have indian debit card, what zip code I used if it ask please

  16. Hi, I did the steps and want to get a premium account, but when I try to enter my credit card details it rejects it because it’s not registered in the US. Do you have a solution for that?

  17. Hey,

    The desktop client works fine with your method. Although I was wondering if there was any such way to use the android app as well. After two weeks of registration, my android app failed to login citing “different location” issue.

  18. Hi,
    I live in UAE
    I use iOS 9.2
    Using some softwares I downloaded it but know I can’t sign up.
    I am trying to make a account and using my fb account then what is it. I was thinking to ask my cousins who live in Europe and America but they won’t give me their email. I need serious help.
    Plz help me as soon as u can

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