How to change facebook secret question and secret answer?

There are quite a lot of people who are concerned about their security in Facebook. I have already explained the importance of Facebook’s secret question and answer on my recent post. There is no direct method to change your secret answer or question in Facebook. However you can change your Facebook secret question and answer if you mislead Facebook and convince Facebook that you are hacked.

Facebook will not let you change your Facebook secret question and answer until you convince Facebook that you’ve victimised a hack attempt on your profile. So we have to fake a hack attempt. Make sure you have access to all you email addresses linked with Facebook before we start or you will end loosing your Facebook.

Verify your Facebook secret question and answer here

Step 1:

Click forgotten password link. Enter your Facebook ID.

Step 2: 

Select your profile and Click Reset My password Button. Select your recovery email addresses.

Step 3:

Enter your secret answer if you are asked.

Step 4: 

Wait for the email confirmation from facebook. Facebook will email you confirming the reset request.

Step 5:

Here is the trick. Convince Facebook that it wasn’t you who requested for resetting the password. Usually Facebook send you two links, the second link is more likely to be clicked to tell Facebook that it wasn’t you who attempted to reset the password.

Step 6:

Facebook will identify this as a hacking attempt and your profile will be locked down temporarily until you recover it. This is normal. You dont have to be panic anyways.

Step 7:

Go through the Facebook’s identification process. Let facebook identify you as the  legitimate user. You may have to go through few tough challenges like identifying your friends or will be asked to login from a computer which you previously logged in.

Step 8:

Once you successfully confirm your identity. Facebook will let you change your secret question and recovery email addresses.

If you havent read my article on Tighten your secret answer or get locked down: Is your Facebook hack proof?


25 thoughts on “How to change facebook secret question and secret answer?

  1. if there are less than 25 friends, we cant create a username? and anyways i tried clicking “Email me a link to reset my password” several times but they are not locking my account 😦

    • Have you missed step No 5 Anhita? You have to convince facebook that its not you who requested for a new password. Facebook will consider this as a hacking attempt and block your facebook profile for 24 hours.

  2. my account was locked temporarily because someone tried log in.on trying to unlock i found out that i forgot my secret answer pls help me reset it.

  3. facebook is nt locking my profile and nt asking me to go through identification proces? wat do i do i hav to change my security question

  4. Hey I need help, my accounts been hacked and they changed my email.. So every time I recover my facebook with a mobile number it works.. But then when they send a link to my phone which opens fb and asks me to log in it says ‘we don’t recognise that email address’.. So I’m kinda stuck.. What do I do?

  5. Anon you may go to this link and change your primary email. Then go to this link and remove all the saved browsers if there are any. . Then go to this link and remove any unknown sessions except your browsing session. Finally, uyou may change your fb password. Thanks. Wish you all the best!

  6. I’m not sure this procedure works any longer. I attempted to follow the advice, but could not force FB permitting me to change previously set Q&A. My account has two factor authentication through the FB app using the code generation function.

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