How to remove/block annoying popup advertisement by BSNL using AdBlock.


Seems like BSNLNET is taking the wrong route by injecting BSNL advertisements to almost any site its customer is visiting. This seems to be violating net neutrality laws which india was defending when Facebook came up with free basics.

Here is one of their injected code which I managed to grab.

<div id="__BULLETIN__bdiv" style="position: absolute; z-index: 999999999; visibility: visible; top: 244px; right: 20px; display: block; transition: top 0s ease 0s;">
<img id="__BULLETIN__bdivImage" style="height: 350px;" src="" />
<div style="overflow: hidden; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; z-index: 9999999999;">
<a id="__BULLETIN__button0" href="#"><img id="__BULLETIN__button0i" class="scalable" src="" name="button0" border="0" /></a>

Here is how to block the annoying advertisement using AdBlock.
1. Install AdBlock.

2. Click Adblock Icon on Chrome toolbar and select Options.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 23.16.23

3. Click on “Hide a section of a web page” as shown below.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 23.11.57

Leave “Domain of page to apply on” as it is. It must have a wildcart “*” which says this rule is applied to all domains.

4. Block the div element of advertisement by adding div[id=”__BULLETIN__bdiv”] to “CSS to match” field.

5. Click On Block It ! You’re done !

The anatomy of Indian economical burger.

Anatomy of indian economical burger

Anatomy of an Indian economical Burger

Most of the developing countries copy everything from developed countries and pretend like one among them in so many ways. I believed, the the least copied thing would be their food until I came across the “economical burger”. Most of the “Indians”, (when I say indians, I am not only referring those who lives in the cities and what we see in bollywood and media, But in rural areas as well. In fact they are not only the ones who represent India and to be more specific they are the minority Indians). So, most of us Indians does not have a fast food culture even though it is becoming a regular thing in India.

So, here is an attempt of us trying to make a burger in Indian style. In rural India burgers are not as common as in urban parts of India. However, the information flow; especially access to internet as well as the tremendous growth of bollywood raised the undeveloped areas too to move with the fast growing world. But when it comes to the burger, we could not keep up with the pace and realised that it is impossible to sell a burger in rural india that is economically viable. But the bakers came up with an alternative solution. An “Economical Indian burger”: Here is the anatomy of if.

  1. Plastic wrapper.
  2. Toothpick. (Yes, it is a toothpick).
  3. Cherry. (I find it very creative).
  4. Lots of cabbage with something close to mayonnaise. (Am not sure).
  5. Pepper/Capsicum (The thinnest you can possibly imagine).
  6. Burger buns.
  7. Onions. (one slice).
  8. The smallest cucumber slice in a cucumber.
  9. Ofcourse the Indian Burger/Patty; The chicken cutlet.

Total cost. Rs 22/- (34 cents)

Profit: 20- 25%.

Original Idea : Education kills creativity?

we lack original ideas. Most of us do not try to create something new. We love to copy other ideas and make few tweaks and sell it. The copy culture is everywhere; in our fashion, in language, Music, Movies, food, religion, sexuality you name it. I think its deep rooted within us from our education. Our education system never promoted or entertained original ideas. They taught us to memorise everything and write down them on exams halls and students who scored high were treated intelligent and creativity had no room in our education system. They injected us with other’s ideas and concepts and told us not to question them. This is a disaster in our education system. So far the system has only created a bunch of slaves works for Multinational corporations.

they are believers; not entrepreneurs

business team with young entrepreneurSuccessful people converts their ideas into reality; they make cool stuffs out of ether. They change lives. They influence others; They are not afraid of failure. I believe, You don’t need any functional/industrial expertise to be successful. All you need is a mindset to welcome failure and try again. I acknowledge the fact that many youngsters get into ‘building-own-company’ just because of the coolness and popularity that they get among their friends. However, there are youngsters with pure passion and courageous minds who really want to make a difference. Do not discourage them, let them learn from their failures. Teach them not to give up. I reckon people over exaggerate the word “entrepreneur”. Lets call them believers.

Am not an Atheist; But my definition for god is different.

“I am absolutely convinced that, the main source of hatred in the world is religion” – Christopher Hitchens

Infectious religion : Are you a sheep?

You didn’t choose to be a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Jew but you are forced to follow one religion because your family and community that you grew up is practicing a particular religion. You are forced to learn more about one religion while all other religions are completely ignored. You get isolated into one religious view and you get stuck there. You believe strongly on what you have been spoon fed and you follow rest of your life believing you are on the right boat and you are going to heaven. This is extremely  infectious and this is like flock of mindless sheep moving rubbing each other. They don’t know where they are going, they don’t know why they are going, they don’t want to know and they don’t want to think. They just follow one another. These are sheeples, people who lost their ability to think.

Humans – We are same

Religions are passed from ancestors and no one ever bothered to think again. As an Intelligent being on planet earth; I am not able to believe like the most. I don’t want to look through the same old glasses invented in the bronze age like everyone around me. I have my own views and conclusions on religions and Gods. Religions emerged into a culture. It became an insane weapon to fight for power. If you think about it for a while, you really know deep down, there is nothing spectacular being in a religion. You believe in your God and rest believe in their Gods. But the fact is that we all are one. We all are humans. We came from the same place wherever it is. We should always believe in Human race than in any freaking religions or Gods.

Think out of the box :

Why can’t you just think out of the box and see everyone as same. This world is not a world of hatred and evil. The good earth is beautiful, positive and vibrant. God – could be an ingredient which helped in shaping the universe; Something that evolved into a conscious world may be a world beyond that. I don’t believe in a God who listen to prayers. I don’t believe in God as a person or something that we can perceive through our senses. I don’t believe in a god who has human behaviour and qualities. Some monotheistic religions teach God look like humans, God is Happy, God thinks, gets angry, put you in Hell, Hates you when you do wrong. God has tremendous mood swings. That sounds stupid to me. I know, I have only limited knowledge and consciousness to understand the universe and beyond. You can be a God within you. Am not Atheist, Its just my definition for God is extremely different.



I am not an “atheist” by definition, rather I would say I am against religious views. I don’t believe, that one or more conscious beings exist somewhere in cosmos, or in so called “heaven” is controlling and spectating our lives in this puny insignificant planet earth or any other part of this universe/multiverse. It is logically incorrect to refer God as it, him, or her, or anything, since God never existed nor will exist in any form or size/shape/gender/color. I don’t believe that God listens to anyones prayer nor going to do miracles in our lives. Psychologically, prayer is just a confident booster for our subconscious, it helps us to get tasks done. As far as I am a conscious being, I contemplate, God itself is the universe and is callous, self-sufficient and evolving and we all are part of it, i am bit agnostic since I know, our knowledge and senses are very limited in galactic scale. But eventually, science and time will unveil all the unanswered questions.

When I said I am “against religion”, It does not mean, I will go out there and fight with religious people. I have no intentions to hurt them. I would love to see if they think for themselves, do some research, learn science, philosophy, psychology and history.

Note: My definition for “God” has nothing to do with any religious views which has ever existed or going to exist in next millennia. This is my personal opinion. This post never intend to hurt any religious views or a group.

Figure : iOS App Review

Figure by Propollerheads

Figure is a Reason powered world-class synth machine for iOS devices. It is the soul of Reason. Figure is developed by Propellerhead. Propellerhead is music hardware and software company which has been sensational for its Synth Application Reason. Reason is a Virtual Studio tool for Musicians. Figure is short version of Reason.

Figure is a music app for iOS platform. Basically, its like fruity loops. You create a pattern and it loops through the pattern. Figure has three parts. Drum, Bass and Lead. Drum is powered by Kong, Bass and Lead is powered by Thor Polysonic Syntheizer from Reason.

Figure for iOS Official


Drum has basically kick, Snareclap, hats, Shaketing. There are various drum filters to create different drum effects.

Old School
You tap on the drum pads which is in blue color that creates drum patterns and beats. You can either record it or decide not to by clicking on the Record Button. Then you click play to loop through the beats. The wheels above each drum are used, to control the number of beats. You can change it by touching and swiping up and down if you want more beats on a drum.



Bass is powered by Thor polysonic synthesizer which is exactly what they used in the high performance professional application Reason. Bass effect is produced by tapping or swiping on the pad. Pitch is low at bottom and high at top of the Bass Pad. Bass rhythm can be changed by controlling rhythm wheels and Scale steps. Just like in drums. There is vibrant bass modes. There is huge collection of bass filters in figure.


80’s Bass                  Bassguitar
Squelech Bass         Bendy Reece
Star Bass                  Buzzer Bazz
The yea yea             Chrome Pole
Tjockbasarn           Chugga
Unstable                  Contra
Waga                       DobbelStept
Delay Bass              En Bas
Analoguesq            Fretless
FM Mover               Gommiband




 Lead is the symphony or real music. Which you can adjust just like Bass. You have rhythm Wheel, Range and Scale steps. You tap or swipe on the orange Lead pad to create music. Just like Drum and Bass there are numerous filters in Lead. Propellorhead is developing a platform called RACK to make these filters more social. So users can create there own filters and share it with others. This is not available in figure yet.


Archery                                  Bell Labs                           Tweet Lead
Bit Pop Lead                         Bowser                              Unpredictalead
Chainsaw                             Combined Lead                Whinynail
Crnch Tlkr                            DIY Synth                          Whistle
DS8 Mk IV                           Dolphins & Lava             Wobblelead
Dramaten                             FM Lead                             Yea Yea Yea
FM Nobel                             Faeries
Floater                                  Glitch Keys
Harm Lead                          Harsh Lead
James Hook                        Kamelen
Kaseotone                            Leolead
Mouthy Lead                       Mystic Bells
Notched Pick                       Overcombed
Pearl Lead                           Phuture Lead
Pkt Cathedral                     Princess
So-so Piano                        Soft Lead
Spooky                                 Superer Saw
The Captain                        Thorgan
Toy Piano                            Traingle Keys
Trombone                             Trumpet Lead


Rhythm Wheel

Rhythm Wheel starts spinning when you tap on the pad. Tap on the rhythm wheel to control the rhythm. Swipe fingers up and down to control the Rhythm numbers. Move up to increase the rhythm numbers and move down to decrease rhythm.


Pad can be controlled by touching or moving fingers along the pad which create different effects. Bottom is low pitch and Top is high Pitch



Tweaks are used to tweak the sounds from Bass and Lead. It depends on what filter you are using. You can use upto three tweaks at a time. By swiping fingers across the pad. These tweaks can be subtle colorations to the sound or they can be radical wobbling, crunching, or aggressive reshaping.



Mixer used in Figure is Master Buzz Compressor by Reason 6 turned on. Mixer can mix, mute, reduce or increase volume individually. Pump Increases the tempo.



Song tab Changes Grooves, tempos and Shuffle Keys.

User Design

Figure has a very beautiful and user friendly user Interface. Everything is touchable on the screen. Everything is smooth and clean.


Figure is a beautiful app for Music lovers. Figures sound quality is outstanding. All the filters are awesome. Figure can compose thousands of music with its built in filters and features. Figure is cheap and can download from Appstore for £0.69 or $1 depending on which country you resides. However figure is lacking features to share in Facebook, Twitter or Soundcloud. Your recordings cannot be saved. Hopefully, they will include this in its next version. However figures debut is a success. It reached as App of the week in few days after its official release. This app is recommended for music lovers. Start Grooving.

Without any knowledge regarding Music and Synth Tools I decided to try it in my way. Have a look. If I can do it, anyone can groove.

Derren Brown : Truth behind illusions

Derren Brown is an illusionist, Mentalist and a Magician. You can’t believe everything he shows in his performance. Its all part of his show. Darren Quotes that he achieves his results by “magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship” which includes the viewers as well. If you go through his old shows he used to do more incredible tricks than this like David Blaine which is moreover like illusion and magic. I cant believe that he can hypnotise such a huge audience by snapping fingers unless they are treated with hallucinative drugs or something. While its a part of show; when there are cameras around, audience will be more conscious and mind will be more active. Its impossible to hypnotise such a large audience into a trance state at such a crowd. Plus this show is in Channel 4 for years. It has been taken out from SciFi Category to Entertainment years ago. Its quite entertaining. You have to question your intellect before believing anything. Its quite a popular show though.

Its just entertainment. Purely Entertainment. Unfortunately, People believe it. When I watched his first show, I was almost convinced. But, I couldn’t get along with some of his psychological and Hypnotic abilities. I searched about him in the internet and watched a few shows including the interview with Prof. Richard Dawkins. He himself claims that ‘I’m being honest about my dishonesty’. Which is the punch word, “Magic, Suggestion, Psychology, misdirection and showmanship”. He is honest in that. Everyone should approach this show just like WWE or a street magic. Some of the shows are informative and some are misleading. Its Entertainment Bussines. No one cares about your intellect.

How to change facebook secret question and secret answer?

There are quite a lot of people who are concerned about their security in Facebook. I have already explained the importance of Facebook’s secret question and answer on my recent post. There is no direct method to change your secret answer or question in Facebook. However you can change your Facebook secret question and answer if you mislead Facebook and convince Facebook that you are hacked.

Facebook will not let you change your Facebook secret question and answer until you convince Facebook that you’ve victimised a hack attempt on your profile. So we have to fake a hack attempt. Make sure you have access to all you email addresses linked with Facebook before we start or you will end loosing your Facebook.

Verify your Facebook secret question and answer here

Step 1:

Click forgotten password link. Enter your Facebook ID.

Step 2: 

Select your profile and Click Reset My password Button. Select your recovery email addresses.

Step 3:

Enter your secret answer if you are asked.

Step 4: 

Wait for the email confirmation from facebook. Facebook will email you confirming the reset request.

Step 5:

Here is the trick. Convince Facebook that it wasn’t you who requested for resetting the password. Usually Facebook send you two links, the second link is more likely to be clicked to tell Facebook that it wasn’t you who attempted to reset the password.

Step 6:

Facebook will identify this as a hacking attempt and your profile will be locked down temporarily until you recover it. This is normal. You dont have to be panic anyways.

Step 7:

Go through the Facebook’s identification process. Let facebook identify you as the  legitimate user. You may have to go through few tough challenges like identifying your friends or will be asked to login from a computer which you previously logged in.

Step 8:

Once you successfully confirm your identity. Facebook will let you change your secret question and recovery email addresses.

If you havent read my article on Tighten your secret answer or get locked down: Is your Facebook hack proof?

Mac OSX Keyboard Shortcuts Wallpaper 1280 X 800 Macbook

Mac OSX basic Keyboard shortcuts Wallpaper

Keyboard shortcuts improve productivity. It gives quick access to anything on a mac. So, I’ve decided to try something on Photoshop.

Here is peek look on something that I’ve been working on Photoshop lately,

Throw some suggestions. I will update on Suggestions.

Resolution 1280 X 800. Ideal for Macbooks 13”

  • Finder Go to Shortcuts
  • Screen Shots
  • Universal Access
  • File Options
  • Misc
This is a preview,
Mac keyboard Shortcuts Wallpaper

Mac keyboard Shortcuts Wallpaper

Not good enough? Try Wallpapers HD lite.

Why don’t you read my post on How to tweak Wallpapers HD lite for unlimited downloads?


Tighten your secret answer or get locked down: Is your Facebook hack proof?


Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter has turned out into ones real identity. It is a reflection of our own identity in the society. Society tend to assess ones personality according to their social networking activities such as updates, photos and interests. Like in real life, It is important to protect our online identity. As far as I am aware, most of the users are not concerned about their online security and privacy.

A secret Answer : Strong passwords doesn’t really matter.

When it comes to security, Strong password is a joke. It doesn’t matter how many combinations you have used or how many special characters or numbers you have added. However, It is a good practice to use all possible combinations of Captial Letters, Numbers and Special Characters. The reason why I am saying this is, we always ignore a simple question all websites ask for – “A Secret Answer”. When your “Secret Answer” is weak, your strong password is a joke for hackers.

Tighten your Secret Answers : Why Secret Answer is Important?

While signing up for the first time; all prominent websites ask for  Secret Question and a Secret Answer. However, my findings points that “Secret Question” isn’t the right phrase because it is visible to Public. Most of the users enter simple and quick answers when they are just one step away from finish. Usually, Websites use this information to recover your password, Incase if you loose your password. But, hackers use this to hack into your profiles. I strongly recommend you to tighten your Facebook Secret answers. But sadly, I couldn’t find option in Facebook to change my secret question or answer unless you claim a hacking attempt. I recommend to keep your secret answer as secured as you can with all possible combination of numbers, captial letters and special characters.

Verify your Facebook security here.

Locking down your colleagues or friends account can’t be much more easier.

If you know little more personal information about your colleague or friend. You can give a try on it.

Step 1 : Click on forgotten Password.


Step 2 : Identity your account : Enter your victims Id or Email Address


Step 3: Click on No Longer access to these.

nolonger access

Step 5: Enter your email Address.

Cover your face : If you dont want to let the victim know who you are.


Step 6 : Guess the Secret Answer.

This is the trickiest part. You have to guess the answer. If the secret answer is not a strongly typed word and you know a little more information about the victim. It wouldnt be hard to guess. It would be a piece of cake. For eg:

  • What is your grandfathers occupation?
  • Which is your mothers home town/city?
  • What is the Last name of your first grade’s teacher?
  • What is your first pet’s name?


Note : Author will not be responsible for any sort of outcomes. Facebook will Lock down the profile for next 24 hours.

I strongly recommend to update your Facebook security here.

Facebook address this issue as follows:

Facebook Lock down.

Once you managed to enter the right secret answer. Facebook locks you down for next 24 hours, letting user to confirm the legitimacy of request. This shows a weak “Secret answer” let anyone lock your fb page for 24 hours. If the user haven’t checked their mail for 24 hours, account is all yours.



Update: March 23, 2012
Facebook will not let you update your new password straight away when you reset your password clicking “forgotten password” link. You might need to wait for another 24 hours. Your account will get locked down for 24 hours. Warning messages will be send to all your mails registered with Facebook. It warns that your account is locked for 24 hours and ask to click another link, if user identifies this as a hacking attempt or spam.”


How to change Facebook Security Question and Answer?

If you want to change your security question or answer. Just follow the above steps and once you get the email from Facebook. Click on the second link “Didn’t request this change” . Make Facebook believe that someone else has answered your secret answer correctly. Facebook will identify the issue as a hacking attempt and will let you run through series of security checks. They may ask you to login from another computer you recently logged in. Clear your security checks. Once you’ve proved your identity. Facebook will redirect to a page where you can change you security question and answers.