Figure : iOS App Review

Figure by Propollerheads

Figure is a Reason powered world-class synth machine for iOS devices. It is the soul of Reason. Figure is developed by Propellerhead. Propellerhead is music hardware and software company which has been sensational for its Synth Application Reason. Reason is a Virtual Studio tool for Musicians. Figure is short version of Reason.

Figure is a music app for iOS platform. Basically, its like fruity loops. You create a pattern and it loops through the pattern. Figure has three parts. Drum, Bass and Lead. Drum is powered by Kong, Bass and Lead is powered by Thor Polysonic Syntheizer from Reason.

Figure for iOS Official


Drum has basically kick, Snareclap, hats, Shaketing. There are various drum filters to create different drum effects.

Old School
You tap on the drum pads which is in blue color that creates drum patterns and beats. You can either record it or decide not to by clicking on the Record Button. Then you click play to loop through the beats. The wheels above each drum are used, to control the number of beats. You can change it by touching and swiping up and down if you want more beats on a drum.



Bass is powered by Thor polysonic synthesizer which is exactly what they used in the high performance professional application Reason. Bass effect is produced by tapping or swiping on the pad. Pitch is low at bottom and high at top of the Bass Pad. Bass rhythm can be changed by controlling rhythm wheels and Scale steps. Just like in drums. There is vibrant bass modes. There is huge collection of bass filters in figure.


80’s Bass                  Bassguitar
Squelech Bass         Bendy Reece
Star Bass                  Buzzer Bazz
The yea yea             Chrome Pole
Tjockbasarn           Chugga
Unstable                  Contra
Waga                       DobbelStept
Delay Bass              En Bas
Analoguesq            Fretless
FM Mover               Gommiband




 Lead is the symphony or real music. Which you can adjust just like Bass. You have rhythm Wheel, Range and Scale steps. You tap or swipe on the orange Lead pad to create music. Just like Drum and Bass there are numerous filters in Lead. Propellorhead is developing a platform called RACK to make these filters more social. So users can create there own filters and share it with others. This is not available in figure yet.


Archery                                  Bell Labs                           Tweet Lead
Bit Pop Lead                         Bowser                              Unpredictalead
Chainsaw                             Combined Lead                Whinynail
Crnch Tlkr                            DIY Synth                          Whistle
DS8 Mk IV                           Dolphins & Lava             Wobblelead
Dramaten                             FM Lead                             Yea Yea Yea
FM Nobel                             Faeries
Floater                                  Glitch Keys
Harm Lead                          Harsh Lead
James Hook                        Kamelen
Kaseotone                            Leolead
Mouthy Lead                       Mystic Bells
Notched Pick                       Overcombed
Pearl Lead                           Phuture Lead
Pkt Cathedral                     Princess
So-so Piano                        Soft Lead
Spooky                                 Superer Saw
The Captain                        Thorgan
Toy Piano                            Traingle Keys
Trombone                             Trumpet Lead


Rhythm Wheel

Rhythm Wheel starts spinning when you tap on the pad. Tap on the rhythm wheel to control the rhythm. Swipe fingers up and down to control the Rhythm numbers. Move up to increase the rhythm numbers and move down to decrease rhythm.


Pad can be controlled by touching or moving fingers along the pad which create different effects. Bottom is low pitch and Top is high Pitch



Tweaks are used to tweak the sounds from Bass and Lead. It depends on what filter you are using. You can use upto three tweaks at a time. By swiping fingers across the pad. These tweaks can be subtle colorations to the sound or they can be radical wobbling, crunching, or aggressive reshaping.



Mixer used in Figure is Master Buzz Compressor by Reason 6 turned on. Mixer can mix, mute, reduce or increase volume individually. Pump Increases the tempo.



Song tab Changes Grooves, tempos and Shuffle Keys.

User Design

Figure has a very beautiful and user friendly user Interface. Everything is touchable on the screen. Everything is smooth and clean.


Figure is a beautiful app for Music lovers. Figures sound quality is outstanding. All the filters are awesome. Figure can compose thousands of music with its built in filters and features. Figure is cheap and can download from Appstore for £0.69 or $1 depending on which country you resides. However figure is lacking features to share in Facebook, Twitter or Soundcloud. Your recordings cannot be saved. Hopefully, they will include this in its next version. However figures debut is a success. It reached as App of the week in few days after its official release. This app is recommended for music lovers. Start Grooving.

Without any knowledge regarding Music and Synth Tools I decided to try it in my way. Have a look. If I can do it, anyone can groove.