Derren Brown : Truth behind illusions

Derren Brown is an illusionist, Mentalist and a Magician. You can’t believe everything he shows in his performance. Its all part of his show. Darren Quotes that he achieves his results by “magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship” which includes the viewers as well. If you go through his old shows he used to do more incredible tricks than this like David Blaine which is moreover like illusion and magic. I cant believe that he can hypnotise such a huge audience by snapping fingers unless they are treated with hallucinative drugs or something. While its a part of show; when there are cameras around, audience will be more conscious and mind will be more active. Its impossible to hypnotise such a large audience into a trance state at such a crowd. Plus this show is in Channel 4 for years. It has been taken out from SciFi Category to Entertainment years ago. Its quite entertaining. You have to question your intellect before believing anything. Its quite a popular show though.

Its just entertainment. Purely Entertainment. Unfortunately, People believe it. When I watched his first show, I was almost convinced. But, I couldn’t get along with some of his psychological and Hypnotic abilities. I searched about him in the internet and watched a few shows including the interview with Prof. Richard Dawkins. He himself claims that ‘I’m being honest about my dishonesty’. Which is the punch word, “Magic, Suggestion, Psychology, misdirection and showmanship”. He is honest in that. Everyone should approach this show just like WWE or a street magic. Some of the shows are informative and some are misleading. Its Entertainment Bussines. No one cares about your intellect.