The anatomy of Indian economical burger.

Anatomy of indian economical burger

Anatomy of an Indian economical Burger

Most of the developing countries copy everything from developed countries and pretend like one among them in so many ways. I believed, the the least copied thing would be their food until I came across the “economical burger”. Most of the “Indians”, (when I say indians, I am not only referring those who lives in the cities and what we see in bollywood and media, But in rural areas as well. In fact they are not only the ones who represent India and to be more specific they are the minority Indians). So, most of us Indians does not have a fast food culture even though it is becoming a regular thing in India.

So, here is an attempt of us trying to make a burger in Indian style. In rural India burgers are not as common as in urban parts of India. However, the information flow; especially access to internet as well as the tremendous growth of bollywood raised the undeveloped areas too to move with the fast growing world. But when it comes to the burger, we could not keep up with the pace and realised that it is impossible to sell a burger in rural india that is economically viable. But the bakers came up with an alternative solution. An “Economical Indian burger”: Here is the anatomy of if.

  1. Plastic wrapper.
  2. Toothpick. (Yes, it is a toothpick).
  3. Cherry. (I find it very creative).
  4. Lots of cabbage with something close to mayonnaise. (Am not sure).
  5. Pepper/Capsicum (The thinnest you can possibly imagine).
  6. Burger buns.
  7. Onions. (one slice).
  8. The smallest cucumber slice in a cucumber.
  9. Ofcourse the Indian Burger/Patty; The chicken cutlet.

Total cost. Rs 22/- (34 cents)

Profit: 20- 25%.