Am not an Atheist; But my definition for god is different.

“I am absolutely convinced that, the main source of hatred in the world is religion” – Christopher Hitchens

Infectious religion : Are you a sheep?

You didn’t choose to be a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Jew but you are forced to follow one religion just because your family or community that you grew up is practising a particular religion. You are forced to learn more about one religion while all other religions are completely ignored. You get isolated into one religious view and you get stuck there. You believe strongly on what you have been spoon fed and you follow rest of your life believing you are on the right boat and you are going to heaven. This is extremely utter nonsense and this is like a flock of mindless sheep moving rubbing against each other. They don’t know where they are going, why they are going. They just don’t want to know and they don’t want to think. I call them sheeples, people who lost their ability to think.

Humans – We all are the very same

Religions are passed from barbaric era and no one ever bothered to rethink about it. As an intelligent being, I am not able to believe like the most. I don’t want to look through the same old glasses invented in the bronze age like everyone around me. I have my own views and conclusions on religions and Gods. Religions emerged into a culture and then become an insane weapon to fight for power. If you think about it for a while, you really know deep down, there is nothing spectacular being in a religion. You believe in your God and rest believe in their Gods. But the fact is that we all are the same. We all are human beings. We came from the same place wherever it is. We should believe in humanity, compassion and love than in any freaking religions or Gods.

God by definition:

This world is not a world of hatred and evil. The good earth is beautiful, positive and vibrant. God could be an ingredient or a catalyst which shaped the universe; Something that evolved into conscious beings, may be a world beyond that. I don’t believe in a traditional God, who listen to prayers who answers them only if they pray really hard. I don’t see God as something that we feel through our senses. I don’t believe in a god who has human like thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Most religions teach as – God look like humans, is happy, thinks, gets angry, puts you in hell, hates when you do wrong. God has tremendous mood swings as far as I can see. These sound absolute nonsense to anyone else who can think. I admit that I have only limited knowledge or consciousness to understand the universe as we know. I should say I am not an Atheist, It is just my definition for God is different.


I am not an “atheist” by definition, rather I would say I am against religious views. I don’t believe in so called “heaven” is controlling and spectating our lives in this puny insignificant planet earth or any other part of this universe/multiverse. It is logically incorrect to refer God as it, him, or her, or anything, since God never existed nor will exist in any form or size/shape/gender/colour. I don’t believe that God listens to anyones prayer nor going to do miracles in our lives. Psychologically, prayer is just a confident booster for our subconscious, it helps us to get things done. God itself is the universe and is callous, self-sufficient and evolving and we all are a part of it, I am bit agnostic since I know, our knowledge and senses are very limited in galactic scale. But eventually, science and time will unveil all the unanswered questions.

When I said I am “against religion”, It does not mean, I will go out there and fight with religious people. I have no intentions to hurt them. I would love to see if they think for themselves, do some research, learn science, philosophy, psychology and history.

Note: My definition for “God” has nothing to do with any religious views. This is my personal opinion. This post never intend to hurt any religious views or a group.