How to tweak Wallpapers HD Lite for unlimited downloads – UPDATED

Wallpapers HD Lite

Wallpapers HD Lite – Part 2

Wallpapers HD lite is an amazing application that let users to download high quality wallpapers to mac. The best part is, its free. However, you can download only up to 5 wallpapers per day or you have to go pro with £2.99 from AppStore. But thats not the end.

“How did the apple fall on my head?”

As usual, my day begun trashing some random unused apps with AppCleaner. It is a free app that deletes (uninstall) applications from mac.The distinctiveness of AppCleaner is that; not only it just deletes the application, it hunts down files that are associated with the application as well. Here is the story, I had to reinstall Wallpapers HD Lite for some reason. I was sure, that I’ve already reached download limit. I reinstalled HDLite and when I retured back to the application. TADA ! my download limit is restored and can download another 5 more for the day. That rewinded my memory back to my college days where I hacked Hidefolders XP by editing Windows registry. I realized, that Wallpapers HDLite stores its property informations locally somewhere on my mac. So, I opened up my AppCleaner app again and started searching for associated files. I examined them carefully and I got stuck into one of those associated file. I decided to find what is in it. I tried searching them on Finder. But, I couldn’t find it. I was sure that the file exists hence it showed up in AppCleaner. However, I figured it out. Its hidden. I located them using Houdini (an app used to view hidden files in Finder). When I opened that suspicious file, I found something groundbreaking, BINGO !!!!. Those are “propertylist” or ‘plist’ files which is used to store values locally by applications just like registry in windows. So I started dissecting the properties and I examined them carefully. After a while I found, that it holds the “Golden Key”. It locally stores download-count for the day plus it saves the downloaded image name and its link. So, this is the wall?. This file stops you downloading more than 5 wallpapers and same image again. So, I finally decided to recall my programming skills (it wasn’t that hard) to tweak it and it worked.

How to tweak Wallpapers HD Lite instructions.

Step 1 : Download & Install application Houdini.
Step 2 : Open Houdini and click on ‘Toggle File Visibility’ which makes hidden files visible on Finder.
Houdini Image

Step 3 : Make sure you can view hidden files on Finder; Go to file location.

Macintosh HD>Users>’yourname’>Library>Preferences>

plist location image

Step 4: Open file “com.stuckpixelinc.wallpapershdlite.plist” using TextWrangler or property list editor. I strongly suggest to use TextWrangler, which is a free and powerful editor.
Step 5 : Edit the value <integer>5<integer> under the current date to negative value and save it.

For eg: <integer>-1000<integer>, <integer> -10<integer>.

edit values image

This is the number of downloads you have done for the day. Usually when it reaches 5; application restricts you from further downloads. So, the tweak is entering negative value and save it. So, whenever you download a wallpaper, it increases the value.(Used my 5th grade knowledge)

For eg : When you download a wallpaper after you changed value to <integer>-1000<integer>; value increases and become <integer>-999<integer>. Thus you  can download 1005 wallpapers for the current day.

Step 6: Make sure you saved the file. Open Wallpapers HD Lite.

You will be amazed to see, that your download limit is restored and your progress bar is frozen. You can download as many wallpapers you want corresponding to the value you entered.

NOTE: You have to tweak it everyday to boost your download limit. The integer value is dependent to your  systems current date. So, If you want to download more than 5 wallpapers on the other day you have to edit value again.

Step 7 : How about following me?

Thank you.