How to bypass Qtel proxies/firewalls on mac.


Qtel has been harsh on its users blocking users from accessing certain sites in Qatar. However, I came up with an easy solution to bypass Qtel proxies on mac. We are familier with the page and boring moustache figures while accessing pages such as torrents or PG contents. Personally, I love freedom.

Note : This tutorial is for demonstration; Author or Tunnel bear is not responsible for the outcome. I have no clue about cyber laws in Qatar.

Okay. Here is how it works.

Step 1 : Download Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear is an incredible app which lets you to connect proxies in US or UK seamlessly. You dont have to search for proxies unlike other services; it lets you use their own proxy services. Tunnel bear proxies are fast and connect without interruptions. However, free users can access only upto 1GB per month. You can boost your data by tweeting about tunnel bear from the email ID you signed up for Tunnel Bear.

tunnel bear

Step 2: Sign up for Tunnel Bear

You need to sign up for tunnel bear with your email ID and password.

Step 3: Turn on the service

You will need to turn on the service by clicking on the old style radio buttons. Select the location either US or UK. Wait until Tunnel bear connects you to the proxy. You are free to run. TADA.

You should be able to access any sites on the internet.